Exactly how I feel inside lately, when everything loses meaning.


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English Shenanigans

Words and phrases that I absolutely loathe “an” the people who use them:

Turnt/Turned up: When referring to oneself. Unless you’re turning up the AC or volume, I can guarantee you, no you are not turning up. Nor are you turnt. It’s not even a word. You can get burnt though. Burnt out or burnt by me cleansing you with fire for using this phrase.

Shots fired:
Not only do I despise the phrase but people abuse the meaning. “Shots fired” implies that you made the first shot, with supposedly a witty or sarcastic remark (I doubt it). Not only is it bad enough the first time, but when you go back and forth saying “shots fired” not only does it lose its meaning, but is incredibly annoying too. Preferably only to be used when an argument escalates to where you are, in fact, shooting each other.
And I will watch.

This is a big one lately. I get it, people are lazy and love to shorten words. Especially when they’re extremely long, consisting of 3 letters or more. Unless.calling your significant other a Bachelor of Arts in Education or Bureau of Agricultural Economics is sexy or gets them turned on, there is no use for it. It doesn’t even make sense to call someone a “before anything else”. I love my “before anything else?” What the fuck? Might as well call them “babe”.

When referring to “AND”. Two completely different words and meanings that are not interchangeable. Of course, again, 3 letters is still excruciatingly long and difficult to type out. So why not make it 2, right? Might as well just use the ‘&’ symbol for that matter. In fact, I’d prefer that. Try getting away with that in your English papers every sentence, though.

Sorry not sorry:
Another way of saying, “I’m sorry. Just kidding, I’m not really sorry. Look at me, I’m a bad ass who doesn’t give a shit.” But that’s cheesy and you wouldn’t say it anyway. So why say it that way either? It’s just as corny. and it makes a girl sound conceited. Oh, that’s what you were going for wasn’t it? How unique and clever. If you really didn’t care about others’ opinions then you wouldn’t have to make this statement anyway, therefore making it irrelevant.
It’s well overplayed.

These are among the reasons the English language and literacy, as a whole, are going down the tubes and many people do not know the difference between your/you’re, its/it’s, ect./etc. etc.

I’m sure more will come to me later.image

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RIP Bob 2.
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June 29 2014