Dennis the mantis’s brother’s nephew’s roommate’s brown cousin. #Insect #bug #praying #mantis

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Knotfest draws nearer, and so does my anticipation for MTH.

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Crawl in me; inside my veins you’re burning still.
Grow in me; but in my heart you’re dead for real.



OKAY so this is totally bizarre and it probably won’t make much sense at all. I fell asleep earlier tonight and I had this dream. I went to a Best Buy to return a keyboard probably many months after the return date. Aside from that it’s pretty much irrelevant. Now, I remember seeing this word while I was waiting in line and it has been stuck in my head. It said “SOPORCUR”.
SOPORCUR is gibberish. It isn’t a real word that I know of. I tried reading it backwards too. But after looking more closely and breaking it up, it actually is a phrase.

SOPOR - noun
1. Pathology. a deep, unnatural sleep; lethargy.

Sopor is a condition of abnormally deep sleep or a stupor from which it is difficult to rouse. It involves a profound depression of consciousness, which is manifested by drowsiness, while maintaining coordinated defensive reactions to stimuli such as pain, harsh sound, and bright light, and preserving vital functions.

CUR - noun
1. A mongrel dog, especially a worthless or unfriendly one.
2. A mean, cowardly person.

Sopor is the perfect way to describe all of those dreams that I have that seamlessly blend into reality. Like last night I had a dream within a dream (so I seemingly woke up twice) and when I woke up for that second time, I was unsure if it was just another dream. But all the pain and discomfort I feel in my dreams seems very real and for the past couple of night I woke up panicking because I felt something was biting or crawling on me in my sleep. Although those were dreams too.

What does it all mean? Well, it’s strange that the gibberish manifested in my dreams apparently can scour up fake words with actual meaning.
But I’ll take it as I am worthless, mean, cowardly person who is constantly sleep deprived and falling into these deep, unshakable stupors in every day life.
Life is an eternal slumber and I am a sleepwalker.

It’s Better To Be Hated

I’d rather get a - 100 from my friends lists and be hated for speaking my mind than beg or ask for a +1 on anything. LIKE 4 LIKE. HOLLA 4 HOLLA. ADD 4 ADD, YO. COMMENT 4 COMMENT. SHOUT OUT 4 SHOUT OUT. WILL PAY $ FOR SHOUT OUT.

Since when has it become a moral obligation to boost one another’s virtual ego?

Just got TWO PIT access tickets for Knotfest October 25th & 26th.
One kidney later, I regret nothing.
I get to fulfill a lifelong ambition and see MAXIMUM THE HORMONE.

Riku’s new #toy. A chirping #bird. #cats

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I hate it when people are like “I’m unique and I’m into weird and nerdy things.”
Interests: Adventure Time, Batman, Disney, Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Fight Club, Radiohead, Blink 182, Kid Cudi, sketching, photography, pizza, coffee & food.
*** Does not like video games and doesn’t read comics. Thinks Pokemon and Power Rangers are only for children. Also, has never seen Tim Burton’s Batman.

Okay, so what did I miss? What about anything makes you weird, nerdy or even different? You like pretty much what a majority of the population likes and haven’t claimed to be interested in anything that anybody wouldn’t already know.
Yeah, unique. Just like everybody else.

I wish I could smack you.

Universal Language

Music is supposed to be the universal language.
What exactly does that mean? That means that it is meant to have the ability to be enjoyed across the globe regardless of the different populations of people. As a form of art, it captures the creators’ creativity, thoughts and emotions in order to play it back for others to see, or rather, to listen to.

Yet so many people have such a closed mind that they still cannot find enjoyment, even in music if it is “too different”, or if they cannot understand it. For example, if it is in a different language.
Different languages should not be a barrier for these forms of entertainment. Foreign movies have subtitles and can be more easily translated, preserving its content in its (mostly) original form, from one group to another.
Other forms of art cannot, but they still hold the same purpose and meaning as they originally had whether or not it is understood.

A painting, for example. What was the artist’s original message when they had made an abstract painting? What story does it tell? What did they see in it? Feel from it? Only they really know. But that does not take from the purpose of the painting. It still stands for others to view it in their own light and to create their own messages and stories from it.

Opinions aside, the possibility to find enjoyment from one language and region of music SHOULD, ideally, be just as easily accessible and open-minded as finding enjoyment from music across the globe in all other regions and languages. As long as it is within the range of my own interests—If I enjoy rock music here, why shouldn’t I be able to find rock music from, say, India that I enjoy as well?

But people are too consumed within their own society and culture that they have a negative bias towards everything else. Is it okay to blast French Rap music even if you do not understand French? Why shouldn’t it be?
But then how many people are really willing to do so regardless of their fears of others’ judgments and opinions about them? Will they think you are strange for liking something so different? It’s because it is much more rare and considered out of the ‘norm’.

And this is why not many can say “I honestly like this and this because _____. And I do not care what you think.” Their minds are closed off from exploring more possibilities for their own interests. It is often too limited within the boundaries of what is common within their own region.
With an open mind and open expression, you are able to more fully find out about yourself and what it is you truly do like.

It’s a constant war of debates. People are too concerned about liking what they THINK they should like in order to appease others or liking what they THINK others’ will think is cool (self-image). If it something too different—well, that just puts their reputation on the line, doesn’t it? What would they think of you?
In metal music, for example, the never ending debate. This isn’t true metal. The vocals are too soft. I’m more brutal than you because I like heavier stuff.
Or this new age rock music is terrible, I like the classics—Beatles, Stones, Talking Heads, etc—and therefore I’m classier and have better taste.

Everything is too divided. Why can’t people just like all of it? Or find enjoyment in variety: some old, some new, some fast, some slow.
I can tell you, a grown 30 year old man who is not afraid to blast the latest Avril Lavigne album has more balls than your average anybody who listens to Slayer.
And who knows, maybe he listens to Slayer too.
One thing that is certain too, he knows himself a lot more than you do.